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Decentralized cloud storage is a ‘theme’ that is starting to gain recognition in the technology industry. What’s more, ‘decentralization’ has been the theme of the industry for the past few years. Yet, mainstream adoption of these solutions in enterprises has been quite slow. In fact, decentralization as a whole is still facing significant hurdles for adoption. Some of the key observed hurdles are:

  1. Societal recognition on the benefits of decentralization
  2. Adoption of the new organization model
  3. Regulatory Compliance, especially in Fintech
  4. Trust in the new technology
  5. Availability of enterprise-grade user-friendly tools for access and management of decentralized solutions

While total decentralization and a complete user-owned and controlled ‘digital world’ is a ‘noble end-state’, it is fast becoming apparent that this is a transformational journey, which transcends technology. In the end, this journey will positively impact all aspects of human life — society, communication, business, government, and health. But such a transformational change takes time to become fruitful, and so the challenge always is to manage this change successfully.

Given this context, it is only right for ‘pragmatists’ in society to periodically question the usefulness, efficacy, and risk of such new models. Instead of branding such people as ‘non-believers of decentralization’ it is important that we chart out a change management approach that shows measurable business and user benefits along the way and increases the confidence of people in the power of decentralization. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. In fact, it is a far cry from a planned change management approach. Most champions and practitioners of decentralization have taken a ‘maximalist’ philosophy that is starting to ‘seed’ doubts about the value of decentralization in the minds of people. There seems to be an ‘All or Noting’ approach!

So how do we manage this change? Most people approach this in two ways. “Think Big & Start Big” or “Think Small & Start Small”. One is called “strategic and risky” and the other is positioned as “focused and risk-averse”. Neither of these is a good model for transformational change such as decentralization. We need to have a model with the approach.

“Think Big & Start Smart”. A change management model which is pragmatic in approach but transformational in value.

What are the characteristics of such a model and how do we put this in practice? The key to such a model is successfully understanding the different levers of value in the transformation, effort required to move the lever from current context to the end-state, and the impact the movement creates on the environment. Once this is clearly understood, we prioritize the capabilities (and sophistication) of the transformation in such a way that it optimizes the value release to create maximum and measurable near-term impact, while simultaneously making progress towards the end state vision.

MoiBit, our decentralized cloud storage solution, is using such a model. MoiBit’s end state promise is total decentralization with immutability, privacy, security, and user ownership and control. But this end promise cannot be delivered in one phase. Traditional cloud storage infrastructure is here to stay for a while and has gained significant trust and confidence of users, and rightly so. They have, over the years, built sophisticated tools for users, developers, and enterprises to manage files and data. This is today’s context. To leverage this context and provide immediate business benefits for developers and enterprises the new release of MoiBit delivers the following:

Flexibility: Practical decentralization and flexibility with a multi-cloud cluster persistence.

Enterprise Convenience:

  • Ability to create and manage files by name
  • Ability to create and manage directories
  • Decentralized Versions control
  • Storage metadata
  • All the above integrated with total content immutability & security (provided using cryptography)

Developer support: Easy access and management of the MoiBit network through the new developer dashboard, API explorer and File explorer.

Reliability: Default multi-replication and pinning

Speed: Streaming service to manage large files

With these sets of capabilities, MoiBit provides a practical and efficient way for enterprises and developers to start enjoying the real benefits of decentralized storage.

We are also currently working on additional features such as:

  • Decentralized private and personalized clusters
  • Custom replication and fault tolerance
  • Fine-grained content encryption
  • Human readable keys and global decentralized identity — supported by cryptography and Zero-Knowledge authentication
  • Complete User Control of their Id and data
  • More diverse and qualified MoiBit Network

At the end-state MoiBit users will have complete control over their identity, data and storage with total privacy and security, irrespective of the device or environment. All this with simple and ubiquitous user experience and without experiencing the complexity of decentralized technologies.

With MoiBit, we are embarking on a transformational journey to unleash the power of decentralized storage while delivering measurable value and benefit along the way.

Join the “Think Big, Start Smart” movement of decentralized storage. Try MoiBit!

About Aicumen Technologies:

Aicumen Technologies is a US-based firm Empowering value creation in the digital economy by building trusted distributed intelligent applications using Blockchain + AI. Founded in 2017, Aicumen has launched the private beta for two of its products including MóiBit and Finets. Aicumen is also involved in research and development of the Krama Intelligence Protocol.

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