MoiBit — The practical Decentralized Cloud Storage Network

  1. Societal recognition on the benefits of decentralization
  2. Adoption of the new organization model
  3. Regulatory Compliance, especially in Fintech
  4. Trust in the new technology
  5. Availability of enterprise-grade user-friendly tools for access and management of decentralized solutions

“Think Big & Start Smart”. A change management model which is pragmatic in approach but transformational in value.

  • Ability to create and manage files by name
  • Ability to create and manage directories
  • Decentralized Versions control
  • Storage metadata
  • All the above integrated with total content immutability & security (provided using cryptography)
  • Decentralized private and personalized clusters
  • Custom replication and fault tolerance
  • Fine-grained content encryption
  • Human readable keys and global decentralized identity — supported by cryptography and Zero-Knowledge authentication
  • Complete User Control of their Id and data
  • More diverse and qualified MoiBit Network

Join the “Think Big, Start Smart” movement of decentralized storage. Try MoiBit!



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