How to use Digital to fight Covid-19? Move from Contact tracing to empowering people

Don’t Cut Your Nose for a Cold
  1. Citizens need to be co-located and be part of the app network for contact tracing. While this a good ‘early detection’ strategy, it is not practical once community spread starts.
  2. Lack of location information will make geofencing hard to implement
  3. Generation of dynamic heatmaps and resource allocation by the government is infeasible
  4. Cannot support the risk-mitigated movement by citizens based on dynamic route maps
  5. Loss of device permanently destroys the information
  • Reduce governance risk
  • Increase Citizen’s confidence
  • Enable and support health care fraternity.
  • Enable automatic collection of accurate location data
  • Be able to share the needed relevant data on a permissioned basis to the authorities and health care workers
  • Use data science on this information to develop ‘safe routes’, ‘resource allocation models’, ‘quarantine zones’ etc.
  • Provide the ability for a user to privately and securely control & manage the data

Let us get our life back. Use Tracy. Be Safe Keep Moving.



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